Spiritual Work

I help people explore and deepen their interest and experience of spiritual connection and integrate their wholeness into all aspects of life. I believe we are all innately whole and already intact - and that growing our wholeheartedness is the foundation of our own healing, spiritual evolution and growth. As we do this, we inevitably grow more clear and peaceful in our everyday life.

You might:

  • Be sensitive and perceptive, and find that others often don’t see things quite the way you do
  • Have a strong sense of spiritual connection, but you're not sure how to integrate that relationship fully into all areas of your life
  • Feel like there aren’t any or many people that you can talk to about your interest and experience
  • Want to explore things in the context of your life as a spiritual journey
  • Want to be able to explore the big questions of  meaning or purpose, and living in alignment with these
  • Want to shift from a sense of lack to living from your own innate wholeness and fullness
  • Want more seamlessness and connectivity in all areas of your life

Explore your experience of spirituality

What you experience, believe and practice spiritually can be hard to talk about with others, especially if they have different beliefs. It can be invaluable to explore this with someone experienced in spiritual practice, with nonjudgment and openness. I believe the true heart of spiritual practice is based in authenticity, truthfulness, integrity and love.


Live from your own innate wholeness, not trying to fix or improve yourself

It’s easy to feel like you have to just keep improving yourself, and that if you do enough or do the right thing, then you’ll feel whole – except that it doesn’t work. I help people learn to have their own wholeness first, and then make choices from there, rather than trying to fix a sense of lack or the feeling of not being enough.


Explore challenges as part of your spiritual journey

I have deep respect for each person’s unique journey and evolutionary path. When we’re able to view life’s challenges in this context, it helps us experience less stress because we and our struggles are part of something bigger.


Clarify your sense of meaning and purpose in life

When we’re well connected with greater meaning and purpose, we’re more resilient and we can learn and grow from the stressors and challenges in life. Knowing and living by what's most important to you helps with making decisions and living a life that's rich and satisfying.


Reduce suffering - learn how to be well with things exactly as they are

One of our greatest causes of suffering comes from where we argue with reality. This is where we insist that anything – people in our lives, ourselves, the past, or life itself – should be different from how it is. We can deplete our precious resources trying to change things that we can’t. Shifting this doesn’t mean becoming passive or giving up choice, it’s being able to have the reality of what simply is – and working through our feelings and preferences around it.


Learning to be mindful of how we view our experiences and life’s challenges can help us remember a wider, more whole perspective. This helps us let go of the struggle, so we can focus on what’s most important and make a difference with what we can change.