Help for Your Relationships

Challenges or conflict with a partner, friend, a family member or someone in your life – or feeling challenged by being single (or newly single) can be stressful. Quality connections and relationships are an essential part of a satisfying and wholehearted life. If you want to create healthier connections in your life, we can work with that.

You might be:

  • Doing well in your career and responsibilities, but feel alone and want to have more meaningful connection
  • Experiencing conflict or difficulty in a relationship with someone and wish you had better ways to handle conflict or communication
  • Single and want to be in a relationship, or newly single and wanting to work through what happened.
  • Aware that past relationship difficulties or trauma are getting in the way for you
  • Wanting to feel more accepted, loved and supported
  • The person who usually holds the space for others, but you sometimes feel alone and wish you had someone you could go to
  • We’re fundamentally wired to connect and to want close and healthy connection with others.  When you’re able to calm yourself and lower your distress, you can hear yourself and be better able to handle conflict and challenging communication.

If you’re single and want a partner, or if you just want to develop more close connections, you might find it helpful to explore the underlying issues and any pieces that have been getting in the way for you.

This work might involve working through what’s holding you back, learning some effective ways to communicate, or having some tools to help you feel more calm and resilient in handling stress around relationships.