Help for Stress and Anxiety

Do you sometimes feel like if you could just lower your anxiety and stress you’d be able to figure out the rest?

You might:

  • As a high achiever, get a lot done but feel anxious and stressed
  • Hold yourself to high standards and feel like you should be able to do it all
  • Find it hard to rest and settle, or to feel calm and refreshed
  • Be accustomed to finding your own way through, but don’t seem to be able to resolve this
  • Fall into doubting yourself at times, in spite of your achievements

Stress is unavoidable in a full and meaningful life, but how we experience it makes all the difference. We can shift from negative to positive stress by lowering anxiety, resolving past difficult events or trauma, connecting with meaning and core values, and shifting how we frame stress. It’s not that these will get rid of the challenges – these are inevitable in today’s world – but it can make dealing with the stress much more manageable.

You might dream of feeling calmer and having more ease, space and clarity. When you can lower your anxiety and feel less stressed, it’s easier to hear and trust yourself – to know what you need to take care of yourself AND still get things done. You can create the space to do the things that are important to you in way that’s satisfying and sustainable.

Therapy can help. It might be about helping you to get clear about what’s causing the stress for you, and to work through and shift the underlying factors. It's helpful to identify your strengths and core values – and learn how to draw on these to help you feel empowered rather than ovewhelmed.

I work with Self Regulation Therapy, a somatic therapy that uses some simple and effective tools to help lower anxiety and resolve past difficulties or trauma. It’s a great way to shift from survival-based living to thriving, with more ease, connection and joy in your everyday life.